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Facebook Recovering After Brief Outage

If you experienced issues logging ontoFacebooktoday, you're not alone. The site went down for most users around 12 p.m. ET on Friday. Users began to regain access to the site about 30 minutes later, according to various tweets.Mashablehas been able to access the site, although response time has been slower than usual. For the duration of the outage, visitors to Facebook.com were greeted with the following message: Facebook'sdeveloper webpagewent down with the site during the initial outage, b... More>>

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Father time reared his head

As UCLA tallied the damage from rampant flooding triggered by the rupture of a 90-year-old city water line, Los Angeles city leaders on Wednesday were once again confronted with the consequences of deferred maintenance on the city's aging infrastructure. Officials have long known that hundreds of miles of city water lines have deteriorated and need replacement, with many past the century mark. But in recent years, L.A.'s elected leaders have been unwilling to hike water rates enough to fix th... More>>

Got Solar? Utility looking to place solar panels on a home near you

Arizona's top utility company is looking to place solar panels on 3,000 homes; at no cost to the homeownerArizona Public Service announced that they plan on placing these panels on residents homes and in turn for the usage of their roofs the utility company will give them a $30 discount on their monthly bill for the next 20 years. If approved by regulators APS will spend anywhere from 50 to 70 million in project costs. This new initiative will help the utility giant meets it's mandatory alter... More>>

Fight for 15 rallies for minimum wage hike

Nearly two years into their fight for a $15 hourly wage, fast-food workers got a two-day dose of inspiration that organizers hope will push them toward bigger displays of civil disobedience. Hundreds of workers gathered at the first Fight for 15 convention in Villa Park over the weekend. They are part of a movement that has included strikes from New York, where the effort began, to Los Angeles, with Kansas City, Mo., Milwaukee, Detroit and Chicago in between, and arrests outside McDonald's Co... More>>

Mercury rising

Living in the southwest, warm temps are just part of life; but, lately as the mercury begins to rise it has proven to be too much for some. Emergency crews have been called out fordehydrations calls and area utilities have recorded larger than normal power uses. Some companies have opened their doors offering passer by’s a cool zone and even the Salvation Army has scoured the city looking for people in aide to help them get hydrated and get some shelter from the sun. More>>

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