Protestors concerned about voter fraud

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Protestors concerned about voter fraud

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Yuma, AZ Oct. 25 - A political protest of a different sort in Yuma on Monday... as about 25 mostly Republican voters gathered at 4th Ave. and 24th Street in Yuma.  The group held signs after rumors of voter fraud have been swirling since Friday.

The organizer of the protest, Paul Jackson, says, "We want a clean election here in Yuma. We don't want voter fraud to take over Yuma's voice. Our vote is our only voice here in Yuma and San Luis and Somerton and all these areas. We're just trying to make people aware voter fraud it out out for it and please vote November 2nd."

The group of protestors say they aren't accusing anyone of voter fraud, but they say it's been known to happen and they are suspicious.

Don Shooter, candidate for State Senate was among the protestors. "We heard the Democrats dropped off 5,000 early ballot requests and we're not accusing anybody of voter fraud, but I don't carry around 5,000 ballot requests in my trunk."

KSWT News 13 spoke with Robyn Pouquette, at the Yuma County Recorder's office.  She said the staff at the recorder's office is working long hours going over early ballots looking for any problems that might arise.  At this time, she said there are no allegations of fraud under investigation.  "We have over 75,000 active registered voters in Yuma County and about 15,000 inactive registered voters which means those voters have not updated their address. We've received returned mail for them, something that has placed them in inactive status. So, a total of 90,000 registered voters as of the voter registration cut off."