Living with Diabetes

Story by Laura Rillos, Reporter

Living with Diabetes

YUMA, Ariz.--Imagine pricking your finger six times a day.  That's life for LeAnne Grinder.               

The seven year old has Type One diabetes and must monitor her blood sugar throughout the day.

When we visit her late Wednesday morning, LeAnne's blood sugar is low.  A meal of chicken nuggets helps out, but eating isn't always simple.  The young girl must carefully count carbohydrate units and give herself insulin accordingly.

She doesn't let that slow her down.

LeAnne shows horses, plays soccer and loves dressing up in costumes.  Her active life is made easier thanks to this pump, which administers doses of insulin throughout the day.

She even has special shirts and pouches to hold the pump, including one that keeps it safe during soccer games.

LeAnne is the princess of Yuma Bikers Against Diabetes, a group that raises money for local diabetes education.  They've purchased two pumps this year. 

"I have diabetes myself, but I was 58 when I found out," said YUBAD member Denny Carr.  "We looked around and saw it was seen in much younger children."

The 5th Annual YUBAD rally is Saturday, October 13.  The fun run starts at 8:30 at Bobby's Territorial Harley Davidson.

A car and bike show, lunch and other activities will follow at Joe Henry Park.  All money raised goes to the Foundation of YRMC and Hospice of Yuma.