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Mugging suspect in court

Man suspected of robbing someone at gun-point outside a Yuma restaurant was in court.  More>>

WTI touching down

Don't be alarmed; Marines at work.  More>>

Daughter of suspected gunman in court

Daughter of suspected gunman has day in court More>>

Island for sale; may need exorcism.

Spacious Island for sale; includes hotel. May need exorcism.  More>>

Health group helps more than 3000 families get enrolled

Local Health group assisted more than 3,000 families get insurance.  More>>

Judge Lozano may leave post in search of a higher calling

South County Judge seeking a higher calling More>>

NASA looks to public for help with new space suit

NASA asked the public for help in choosing their future space suit.  More>>

Governor approves bill that would allow random inspections

Arizona Governor has made it legal for agencies to perform random inspections at abortion clinics without a search warrant. More>>


A year after the unthinkeable attack on Boston; where are we now? More>>

Father escapes; daughter and son in jail.

Man accused of killing a man outside a Yuma restaurant reached to children for help; now brother and sister are in jail.  More>>

Update: Police release more images of robber

Police still need help finding man suspected of robbing three convenient stores at gun point. More>>

Is it possible that Jesus Christ was married; that's the debate.

Could have Jesus Christ been married; a newly discovered scroll raises the question.  More>>

Outrage over video of parents rearing their child

Parents have been charged for abuse after video was posted of them rearing their child.  More>>

Man arrested for murder of Wellton mother agrees to plea deal

Jose Jimenez arrested in connection to the murder of Crystal Figueroa has pled guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence.  More>>

Next On President Obama's list; Equal pay.

President Obama hopes to take today one step further and made a commitment to evening out the pay scale between men and women.  More>>

Governor Jan Brewer visits Yuma

Governor Jan Brewer set to speak at lighting of Downtown signs and kick off Yuma's Centennial.  More>>

Top Mexican official investigated for possible corruption

Mexican federal prosecutors are investigating possible links between a high ranking government official and a drug cartel.  More>>

I spy with my little camera...

Security vs Privacy; issue blooming in neighborhoods across the country.  More>>

Heir to the Dupont fortune found unfit to do jail time.

A Du Pont family heir, who pleaded guilty to raping his 3-year-old daughter, was never put behind bars because a Delaware judge ruled he "would not fare well" in prison, court records show. More>>

Assistant Principal in hot water after Facebook post

South Carolina Assistant Principal has been placed on administrative leave after a picture he posted on Facebook.  More>>

Here's Something Ladies Don't Expect Workers To Yell

A new commercial meant to be humorous has left some people with a sour taste.  More>>

Sheriff Joe Arpaio mulls over decision to run for Arizona Governor?

America's toughest Sheriff may be looking to move to the capitol More>>

Suspected Arsonist back in court

Suspected Arsonist back in court; outbursts cause him to be removed.  More>>

City of Yuma approved water bill change

City of Yuma changes water bill cycle More>>

School forces 9 year old to take backpack home because it's deemed "too girly"

9 Year North Carolina student asked that he not bring his backpack back to school because school feels he'll be a target for bullies.  More>>

Two teen girls arrested after video surfaces

Two Maryland teens are sitting behind bars after one of their parents discover a video; the video shows the two girls abusing a mentally challenged boy.  More>>

Gay and lesbian troops perform in drag on American military base

Gay and lesbian troops perform in drag on American military base More>>

Collins keeps spirit of Shepard alive

Collins keeps spirit of Shepard alive More>>



Pressure mounts over Arizona bill opposed by gays.

A Bill giving Bussinesses the right to refuse service to anyone that they feel threatens their religious beliefs continues to be an issue at the capitol. More>>

Tucson pizzeria hits out at gay service refusal bill

One Tucson pizzeria is taking  a stand on a new bill.  More>>

Religion or legal discrimination?

State Bill 1060 comes under fire; opponents believe it will insight discrimination.  More>>

Soldiers in hot water over questionable pictures

National Guardsmen under fire after release of questionable pictures.  More>>

Blacks in Florida still Victimized by ‘Stand Your Ground

Is Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' Law biased to the color of a defendant's skin? More>>

No Hail Mary for San Luis

City of San Luis may hang up football cleats for good.  More>>

Love with fries on the side

McDonalds adding Love to their value menu this Valentines Day More>>

Feb. 11 'the day we fight back' against NSA surveillance.

Feb 11 ' the day we fight back' against NSA surveillance.  More>>

Somerton Water Woes

Two sub-divisions left high and dry More>>

Farm Bill; Housing

Changes in the billion dollar Farm Bill will prove to be beneficial to area non-profits. More>>

Police seek person of interest in robbery case

Police seeking a person of interest in the January robbery of a Yuma hotel.  More>>

Attempted Murder suspected arrested

Man arrested for suspicion of attempted murder.  More>>

Crime Watch; Shooting Investigation

Law Enforcement investigating multiple shooting throughout Yuma County.  More>>

Facebook turns 10

It's a social media powerhouse and today Facebook has turned 10.  More>>

San Luis; making strides

City of San Luis going green to save some green.  More>>

ADOT cracking down

ADOT cracks down on drivers defacing state license plates.  More>>

Petition to deport Justin Bieber heading to D.C.

Over a 100,000 signatures have been collecting asking that Canadian Pop Star Justin Bieber be deported.  More>>

President Obama State of the Union

President Obama scheduled to deliver his State of the Union Address; where he will unveil his changes to the Federal Minimum Wage rate.  More>>

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    Unrest in Ukraine

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