1. Drug tunnel found in Mexicali
  2. Yuma sector border patrol agent indicted on drug charges
  3. Phoenix hospital accused of forcing leukemia girl to stay
  4. Missing Arizona leukemia girl found safe in Mexico
  5. Yuma Border patrol agent arrested for marijuana smuggling
  6. Border fence near Andrade port of entry still missing piece
  7. Domestic violence coalition discuss resources available for victims
  8. ATF says they have no work for them in Yuma County
  9. San Luis port of entry extends SENTRI lane hours
  10. Human smuggling attempt stopped in Calexico
  11. Four police cars burned in the Desert Southwest
  12. Former CBP officer found guilty of conspiracy and bribery
  13. Severed pig heads dumped outside Mexicali Police Department
  14. Drug tunnel found in San Luis being filled with concrete
  15. Two separate shootings near Calexico Port of Entry

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