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Drug tunnel found in Mexicali

Mexican police found a partially constructed drug tunnel near the U.S. border in Mexicali. More>>

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Yuma sector border patrol agent indicted on drug charges

A Yuma sector border patrol agent is indicted on charges of smuggling marijuana. 25-year old Aaron Anaya is currently in jail awaiting trial. More>>

Phoenix hospital accused of forcing leukemia girl to stay

In an exclusive interview with KSWT News 13, Norma Bracamontes lashes out at the Phoenix hospital accusing them of refusing to release Emily because she did not have health insurance. More>>

Missing Arizona leukemia girl found safe in Mexico

KSWT News 13 has located the missing 11-year old girl with leukemia who disappeared from the Phoenix Children's Hospital last month. More>>

Yuma Border patrol agent arrested for marijuana smuggling

A Yuma sector Border Patrol agent is arrested for smuggling pot across the U.S. Mexico border. More>>

Border fence near Andrade port of entry still missing piece

Its been four months and the border fence is still missing a 114 foot piece of steel. However, Yuma Sector Border Patrol has beefed up security in the area. More>>

Domestic violence coalition discuss resources available for victims

From victim's rights to how to file a police report, as well as how to identify someone who may secretly be a victim of abuse is the goal of the domestic violence coalition in San Luis. More>>

ATF says they have no work for them in Yuma County

A local office for the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is no longer servicing the area. Officials said the cases are now being taken care of by another office. More>>

San Luis port of entry extends SENTRI lane hours

Travelers using the San Luis Port of Entry SENTRI lane will get a little extra time to cross the international border on weekends. More>>

Human smuggling attempt stopped in Calexico

Two men are behind bars for allegedly attempting to smuggle six people into the United States near the international border in Calexico. More>>

Four police cars burned in the Desert Southwest

Authorities said the police cars were set on fire with gasoline early this morning. The fires were set in different areas of the city. More>>

Former CBP officer found guilty of conspiracy and bribery

A former U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer is found guilty of conspiracy and bribery.


Severed pig heads dumped outside Mexicali Police Department

Two severed pig heads were left outside a Mexicali's state police sub-station Wednesday morning. More>>

Drug tunnel found in San Luis being filled with concrete

A drug tunnel discovered last month near a shopping center in San Luis is now being filled with concrete. More>>

Two separate shootings near Calexico Port of Entry

One incident happened Monday morning after El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents chased a car allegedly involved in an illegal immigrant smuggling attempt. More>>

U.S. Border Patrol El Centro sector seize meth valued $700,000

U.S. Border patrol agents assigned to the Indio station seized more than $700,000 worth of meth at the Highway 86 border patrol checkpoint near Indio. More>>

Heat related illnesses reported at San Luis Port prompt concerns

The long wait in hot temperatures is causing some border crossers to faint at the San Luis port of entry pedestrian lane. More>>

Temporary fixture set at collapsed border fence in Andrade

U.S. Border Patrol officials said they are still discussing the most innovative and most efficient way to repair the section of border fence which collapsed near the Algodones Port of Entry. More>>

Border Patrol Donates 10 Thousand Pounds of Food

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents collect more than 10,000 pounds of food for distribution to local food banks. Yuma and Blythe food banks will distribute approximately 5 tons of food supply, equivalent to 7,700 meals. More>>

Collapsed Section of U.S/Mex Border near Algodones being Rebuilt

ANDRADE, CA - Construction workers are making progress on the section of the U.S-Mexico border fence that collapsed last week near the Algodones Port of Entry. Yuma Border Patrol officials say that workers were hired by U.S Army Corp of Engineers and have been working in clearing and rebuilding the damaged area. More>>

Wake & viewing services held for prominent San Luis business manager

Family and friends gathered at Cesar Chavez Cultural Center in San Luis for the wake and viewing services of a prominent local business manager. More>>

Two people shot while waiting to cross Mexicali/ Calexico border, one person arrested

Police say two people are in stable condition after being shot at while waiting in line to cross into the U.S. from Mexico. More>>

Global Entry Now in San Diego Airport

If you travel internationally out of San Diego there is a new system in place to help speed the process. U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority unveil new Global Entry kiosks at the international arrivals area of the San Diego International Airport Tuesday.


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