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Yuma mother and daughter both reach graduation milestone

Diana Robnett and her daughter Maya shared the same joy among the hundreds of graduates who reached a milestone tonight More>>

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Yuma District One School Board votes to close Ham Elementary

Some parents plan to pull kids out of district. More>>

Yuma District One parents speak out over Ham School closing

Yuma School District One's Governing Board looks for parent input to make decision. More>>

AWC's "Career Coach" a job tool for Yuma County job hunters, students

New job search engine gives information pertinent to Yuma County job market. More>>

AWC student-athletes lend a helping hand to local charities.

In a sluggish economy, many local non-profit organizations face budget cuts and staff reduction.

But today, hundreds of student-athletes from a local college were up bright and early to help various organizations get back on track with unfinished projects.

10 Year Old AZ Law Extends Funding to Troubled Schools

Arizona schools who cannot meet state standards often face disciplinary action. But because of a ten year-old law schools do have other options. More>>