Family of Molestation Suspect Speaks Out

Family of Molestation Suspect Speaks Out

In a KSWT News 13 exclusive report, the family of a man accused of molesting his foster children speaks out.  Jeff Rowell appeared in court facing charges of molestation and sexual abuse.  Yuma County Sheriff's deputies say the victims are Rowell's three young foster children ranging in age from four to nine.  Investigators say Rowell's wife made the report earlier this week.  After the hearing, Rowell's brother spoke with KSWT about his brother's arrest.

Jerry Rowell is also a pastor at Yuma's Pentacostal Assembly, where deputies claim the alleged abuse took place.

"We're just very surprised by these allegations, and shocked, and so therefore we just tend to stand on the side of right and righteousness and whatever is right. I just trust the truth will prevail," says Jerry Rowell.  He claims his brother did not live at the church and he did not abuse those children.  Jerry Rowell says he and his congregation are supporting Jeff Rowell.

"We have witnessed just a tremendous outpouring of love and, like I said, this allegation is a complete dichotomy to all that he represents."

Jerry Rowell says he can't imagine why his brother's wife called authorities.

"I've counseled them many times and in various aspects of their marriage and child rearing many times as their pastor, and there has never ever ever been one inclination to this at all." 

Jeff Rowell is being held in the Yuma County Detention Center without bond.

Child Protective Services says they do not have any record of Jeff Rowell as a foster parent.  Right now, it's unclear how the children were placed in his custody.  The children are now living with Rowell's wife.