Parents Arrested in Child's Death

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Parents Arrested in Child's Death

Somerton, AZ March 24 -- A 13-month old child has died and the parents are under arrest, according to a relative at the scene.

According to a sheriff's office spokesman, rescue personnel received a call around 11:40am Wednesday morning.  The child's parents had called 911, saying the boy was found in a 4-foot-deep makeshift septic tank.  A 911 operator helped someone on the scene administer CPR, but the child died.

The parents told sheriff's deputies the child had only been missing for a few minutes, but authorities say the child body temperature indicates he was underwater for quite awhile.

The child's great-grandfathers identified the child as 13-month-old Aiden Wilson.

The accident happened outside the family's trailer in Somerton.  They family operated a pony riding business.  The great-grandfather says there are two other children living in the home.  He says both parents have been arrested.  The father is being charged with hindering prosecution.