Sex Workers in Mexicali are being murdered and mutilated

Sex Workers in Mexicali are being murdered and mutilated

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 Mexicali, B.C.-Mexican police are puzzled by the murder cases that have popped up in the last three years.

Mexican authorities said it's possibly the work of a serial killer. Three women who worked in downtown Mexicali have been brutally murdered.

Their bodies were mutilated and found in landfills.

Mexican police said the bodies were cut up in similar ways.

"All three women had things in common," Miguel Angel Guerrero, a homicide detective of B.C. state justice department of organized crime division said. "They worked as prostitutes, they had the same physical characteristics....they had a robust complexion."

Police said autopsy reports show that the victims were strangled and suffocated to death before their bodies were dismembered. They said their bodies were cut with a surgical knife or a butcher knife.

"All bodies were mutilated in similar ways," Guerrero said. "The cuts were very precise and it seemed like it was done with a surgical knife....the body parts were cut off at the the wrists...elbows...and legs."

Victim number one was identified as 43 year old Maria Dolores Nuno Ibarra.

On September 16th of 2009, her legs and feet were found inside black plastic bags at a landfill north of Mexicali.

Two days later, her torso, pelvis, arms and guts were found in an abandoned house; also in black plastic bags.

Victim number two was identified as Maria Guadalupe Beltran Olmos.

Her body appeared on October 11th of 2010. Her body parts were found wrapped inside linen sheets at landfill in Ejido Hipolito Renteria.

Again, two days later the rest of the body parts were found in black plastic bags.

Victim number three, was identified as 36-year-old Esmeralda Concepcion Delgado. She is the most recent case.

Her body was discovered in April 2011, also at a landfill in Ejido Hipolito Renteria.

"We don't throw out the possibility that it could a single person...or two or even more," Guerrero said.

Baja California's State Justice Department officials said there's a possibility that the killer could be from the United States

"It could be someone who crosses over into Mexico to have fun....someone who picks and chooses these women with the same characteristics and then suffocating and then mutilating them," Guerrero said.

Officials said they are crossing information over to U.S. authorities in case any similar cases pop up on American soil.

These crimes are obviously committed in a closed off area...where they can mutilate the bodies with all the patience in the world," Guerrero said.






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