Safety concerns arise as Mexicali sex workers are killed

Safety concerns arise as Mexicali sex workers are brutally killed

Mexicali, B.C.-Is a serial killer targeting sex workers in downtown Mexicali? 

Residents fear for their safety and sex workers are following a set of rules to avoid becoming the next victim.

Just a few feet from the international border, the city of Mexicali's downtown area begins.

It's where dozens of bars and cabarets have long been established.

Shop owners and workers in downton Mexicali said the've been going on about their business, even though a potential serial killer could be lurking nearby.

"Well, that's what everybody thinks. Everyone is scared," said Rosendo Castañeda, a shop owner in downtown Mexicali.

In less than three years, three sex workers were taken from the area and brutally killed.

Their bodies were later found mutilated and dumped in different landfills.

"They need to protect themselves, someone should be teaching them how to protect themselves and what they should do," said Sara Guzman, a curios shop owner.

As a response to their fears, prostitutes are banding together and establishing their own safety rules.

They won't get into a client's car and they won't go to hotels on the outskirts of the city.

But some fear that the individual or group reposnsible for the murders could start targeting regular women.

"Maybe someday he'll go crazy, he's starting out here, but maybe some day he could go in a home, your family, your friends, i don't know, it's scary, it's like Juarez," Guzman said.

"Right now he's going after drug addicts, or abnormal people, but later on who knows what will happen," Castañeda said.

Have police been keeping an eye on the first block of the city?

"It's the same as always, exactly the same, there's nothing extraordinary going on," Casatañeda said.

Meanwhile, sex workers will continue to stick to their gameplan to keep each other from becoming the next victim.

"You look at them, and you don't know what they're carrying with them, what problems they have, everyone just goes on with their lives," Guzman said.

Spanish newspapers reported that Mexican police arrested a man suspected of the murders but was quickly released.

Some sex-workers think that up to three family members may be performing the serial murders.

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