Smart Toe For Hammer Toes

Smart Toe For Hammer Toes


Hammertoe is a condition where the smaller toes of the foot become bent like a claw and can leave permanent damage. There are three main causes of hammertoe. The deformity can be inherited, a result of arthritis or develop because of ill-fitting shoes. Ill-fitting shoes are the culprit of this deformity. Studies show that women are more likely than men to develop hammertoe because of shoe style. (SOURCE:

Types Of Hammertoe:

There are two types of hammertoe. Flexible hammertoe is the less severe type with the toe still able to move at the joint. If hammertoe is diagnosed at this stage, more treatment options are available. With rigid hammertoe the joint is completely out of alignment and can't be move. This condition could make walking painful and at this stage, surgery may be suggested. (SOURCE:


Products like hammertoe crests and hammertoe splints are foot devices that provide comfort for mild cases of hammertoe. These products position the foot in a certain way that helps prevent the hammertoe from becoming aggravated. In addition, wearing corrective footwear can protect the protruding joint. If chronic pain develops, physicians may suggest operations to surgically straighten the joint. Treatment options include removing a portion of the joint to straighten it, fusing two toe bones together or removing a portion of the bone and replacing it with an implant. (SOURCE:

What To Expect:

Hammertoe surgery is one of the most successful procedures with over 300,000 surgeries performed each year. General complications include swelling, stiffness and limited mobility anywhere from eight to twelve weeks. Swelling can be reduced after surgery by keeping the foot elevated and applying ice. Most physicians recommend wearing a splint or surgical shoe to protect the foot and help balance the body weight. Resuming normal activity is possible without significant disruption. (SOURCE:

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