Sons of Hell Motorcycle Club and YRMC deliver school supplies

Sons of Hell Motorcycle Club and YRMC deliver school supplies


Yuma, AZ August 4 - The Sons of Hell Motorcycle Club made a special delivery to Gila Vista Jr. High School Thursday Morning. The bike club teamed up with Yuma Regional Medical Center's Drive for School Supplies, a community effort to help local kids.

Dennis Harris a Sons of Hell member says, "This is a great event, there's a lot of kids out there who's parent's aren't able to afford the needs that they have for the back packs, pencils and papers just to name a few. So, we have BBQ's at our club house and we do fundraiser's to help the hospital out so that they can help the kids out."

Shawna Sullivan and Family and Consumer Science Educator and Student Council Sponsor says the annual drive has made a positive impact on local students. She says, "They benefit so much from it. You'd be surprised to see how many kids actually reach out and ask for supplies. They humble themselves and they ask for supplies they can't afford. They are so over joyed that they have the option to receive these supplies." Kids at Gila Vista Jr. High are just some of the students receiving school supplies which were donated throughout the month of July by various agencies and members of the community.

Rusty Tyndall, The Gila Vista Jr. High principal says he feels blessed to live in a community willing to give during tough economic times. He tells News 13, "We are humbled that every year so many members of the community pitch in to assist our families. It's really tough for kids and families to start out the school year with clothes and supplies and everything and we just know that some need assistance."

Additionally several local school officials will be picking up school supplies at Yuma Regional Medical Center prior to the first day of school.


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