Kids Return to the Class Room....Has School Lunch Improved?

Kids Return to the Class Room....Has School Lunch Improved?


Yuma, AZ August 10 - Kids fill up on the first day of school, but do you know what they're filling up on?

According to Karen Johnson the Child Nutrition Director and Yuma Elementary School District One Kids are making healthier choices because their given healthy options. Johnson says, "Fresh fruits and vegetables we know is a great component to our meal program and we've had it for over 14 years. Our students take as much as they would like. We talk to them about waste of food and the kids do an outstanding job."

Johnson says the state of Arizona is very progressive when it comes to providing nutrition for school kids, and the district continues to be within USDA guidelines and even ahead of the game when it comes to incorporating more whole grains and salad bar. She says, "We look at buying our pizza with whole grain crust and reduced fat cheese on there. So, we have looked at nuggets that are rolled in whole grain breading and we bake our nuggets. There is no frying we haven't fried in 14 years."

According to Johnson, the District continues to make healthy improvements to school lunch and has even revised past recipes and reduced the amount of sweets given to only twice a month. As for this year Johnson says, "Any flavored milk that we have which is chocolate has gone to fat free. It will no longer be 1% it will be fat free which does cut the fat content down for the meal."

 Additionally, Johnson tells News 13 any parent who wants to see first hand what kids are eating are welcome to contact the district. She says you'll be pleasantly surprised.


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