Lying to your doctor can have consequences

Lying to your doctor can have consequences


Yuma, AZ August 12 - Being true to your health can often be difficult when face to face with a physician, but lying or stretching the truth even a little bit can have steep consequences.

Dr. Edward Paul with Yuma Regional Medical Center says the first thing to do is find a doctor your comfortable seeing and establishing a long term relationship with he or she because it's critical in terms of your health care.

According to Dr. Paul, a person who is trying to coordinate all the different aspects of your health needs to know your lifestyle, medications, and even herbal remedies or vitamins in order to provide the best proper care. 

Dr. Paul says "Simple herbal remedies you would buy at a local vitamin store or again across the border in our community many places to obtain herbs which are themselves generally safe, but when mixed with conventional medicines can have side effects."

Dr. Paul also says many patients commonly feel embarrassed if they've seen other practitioners or medical healers, but they shouldn't. He says, "In our community whether on the U.S. side of the border or the Mexican side of the border not mentioning those things to your physician can be dangerous in terms of coordinating care but also undermine the efficiency and expertise that he or she has in trying to take care of you."

Additionally, when it comes to your sexual history or habits being honest will only benefit both you and your partner. Dr. Paul says, "The biggest issue is infectious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases and that's very important stuff obviously in the health of men and women to be open with your physician."

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