AWC students start school; solar project still being constructed

AWC students start school; solar project still being constructed

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By: Mauricio Marin

Yuma, AZ -- AWC students go back to school with Solar Panel project still underway.

More than 4,000 students returned to Arizona Western College in the mist of a new solar panel project the college is working on.

AWC Facilities Management Director Bob Smith says, "there is a lot of construction going on to meet the students on the first day of class."

The construction has lead to minimum parking for those returning for the fall semester, Smith says "parking is always kind of a problem the first couple weeks of the semester and it's a double problem this time because of all the construction equipment."

However, AWC school officials were prepared as they providing overflow parking in nearby dirt lots.

Construction on the solar panel project started back in May and workers have been hard at work to have all the solar panels built by the end of next month.

"Behind us is the green volts, that's the newest, one of the newest technologies out in production...." Smith is describing American designed panels that are being constructed in front of AWC. 

He says the panels being installed come from all around the world including Japan, China and even Germany.

Smith says all the panels combined will soon be working as one system, "what makes it unique in the world is that it's five different technologies each one mega watt. They all use the same kind of inverter, same wiring, same everything so they're all on the same level playing field."

 Meanwhile, students were also greeted at the center of campus with a booth set up to help anyone with questions as they begin the first week of classes.

One student volunteer, Alejandra Hernandez, has some friendly advice while the new project is being constructed, "one big tip is parking is limited. So it's really good to get here on time. The parking lots are kind of very distant, away from the buildings. So it's a good thing to come a good half hour before class starts."

Now while the solar panels will soon provide green energy for the campus, Smith says the small inconvenience will be worth the wait, "if everybody can just hang on for a little bit longer we're gonna make this look great."



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