YUHSD hopes to form Joint Technical Education District

YUHSD hopes to form Joint Technical Education District

Yuma, Arizona August 22, 2011 - The Yuma Union High School District hopes parents and taxpayers will approve of the Joint Technical Education District. 

"It would draw dollars into Yuma County that are not currently coming to fund the district," says YUHSD Superintendent Toni Badone.  "We are the only county that does not have a JTED and it's about time Yuma County also had the advantages that the other counties have with a JTED."

The JTED would give district schools more funds for specialized instructors, facilities and resources for technical and career-oriented programs. 

"It gives us the opportunity to enhance programs throughout the field, to go with the latest, greatest technology to teach emerging trends that are coming available in the career and technical education areas," says Norm Champagne, the Career & Technical Education Chair at Kofa High School.  "And perhaps [it will allow us] to offer some programs that we've not had the opportunity to offer in the past,"

Students at Kofa High School find any courses that fast-track them into careers appealing.

"I was like reading the list and many of these classes look like a like of fun so maybe the students will find careers that they might want to go to college for," says Andrea Tiutan, a junior at Kofa.  "The attitude of the students would probably change by coming to school for classed that they really enjoy and that they could be learning a lot from."

"For the students who want to get into any kind of job field, they can get an experience beforehand and see if they actually want to be that," says Michael Read, a junior at Kofa.  "If not, they can keep their options open."

Expanded educational options do come with a price.

"For a residence, that would mean about the cost of a latte, if you will per year. It's $5.00 on a $100,000 worth of value. So it's not a lot of money, but it would be a little bit of a tax increase."

If voters approve the JTED in November 2012, YUHSD will also receive Arizona Budget monies earmarked for JTED programs throughout the state, which Yuma County isn't currently receiving.

Parents like Paula Marie Sanchez say it's worth it.

"If it's helping the kids make career choices earlier in life, they'll grow up and they'll be helping pay the taxes," says Sanchez, Michael Read's mom.  "They'll have the right jobs to help pay for the tax to help other kids."

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