Pioneer Memorial Hospital's labor and delivery improvements

Pioneer Memorial Hospital's labor and delivery improvements


Brawley, CA Aug. 24 - With a simple download on their smart phone doctors at Pioneer Memorial Hospital can now better care for their labor and delivery patients. The application is called Air Strip Ob and gives doctors virtual real-time anywhere anytime access to vital signs of the baby and mother while they are in the hospital.

So, around the clock doctors can now keep a watchful eye on the baby's heartbeat, the mom's contraction patterns, and a variety of other stats even when he or she can't be at the patients bedside.

patients seem to be responding positively to the hospitals new improvement. Luisella Godinez, who is having her first baby girl at the hospital says "It makes me feel a lot more sure of what's going on with my pregnancy and it gives me a lot more reassurance that he's actually giving me that extra care and that it's going to be ok."

Additionally, Air Strip OB is cleared by the FDA and complies with federal patient privacy requirements.

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