Yuma's Heat Advisory Affecting Local High Schools

Yuma's Heat Advisory Affecting Local High Schools


Yuma, AZ August 26 - With school back in session Yuma's blazing hot temperatures are now affecting student athletes.

Kevin Gettings, Cibola High Schools Athletic Director says they had to make a lot of adjustments this past week due to the heat and moved practices back till 5:30 or 6:00 at night and one night canceled practices all together.

Gettings also says the school and the entire district take heat conditions very seriously when it comes to outdoor athletics.  He says, "We don't want anything to happen to any of the student athletes at Cibola or are community. It would just be detrimental to Yuma if something like that happened. The good thing is in Yuma People are use to the heat and people take precautions to prepare for it.">

Although Yuma Union High School District doesn't allow food or drinks inside the class rooms they do allow water and that is just one example of how they assure students and athletes stay hydrated.

Gettings tells News 13 "A lot of kids a lot of foot ball player, and a lot of your outdoor athletes are carrying water jugs, hydrating all day long. We make them take mandatory 5 to 10 minute water breaks." He also says of this year the district implemented a new weather policy to assure the safety of their athletes. He says, "We have a heat policy for our district we all have to follow and we use the wet bulb monitor to assure safe conditions for practicing or playing outdoors."

However, the wet bulb monitor varies according to the different levels and with some conditions the players can go without shoulder pads or helmets, but if it gets over a score of 90 they don't practice or play a game at all.

Plus as of this year, one new requirement the district is implementing is chilled water in the lunchroom.




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