Yuma businessman says business-oriented courses help students

Yuma businessman says business-oriented courses help students be more employable


Yuma, Arizona August 29, 2011 - Business owner Dennis Franklin says schools need to do better in preparing students for the workforce.

 "There's a huge disconnect between the business community and the education community," says Franklin, owner of Franklin Tire & Suspension, a family business established in 1966.  "How do you bring it together?  How do you get these two mediums together?"

Franklin is hoping other business owners and managers work on solutions to better prepare young students to work at local businesses.

 "We're so busy all the time (as a business community), says Franklin.  "It's very difficult to give the attention to it and the education community doesn't know how to reach out to us in a consistent, effective manner."

Franklin says courses like Salesmanship can give students an advantage in any career or job.

"You can have all the math and English and the other skills," says Franklin.  "But if you marry them together with something like a basic sales knowledge, they are incredibly empowering.  They can go anywhere in any industry and be highly successful."

Franklin hopes the business community gets involved on educational school boards to make a difference.

"I think you need to get out there and get on a school board with a bunch of other people that you do know so we can make the changes necessary in Yuma County," says Franklin.  "Ultimately, the responsibility of the school board is the Board of Directors that tells the administrators what to do."

Franklin invites any local business owners and managers to a "Making a Difference in Education" breakfast meeting on Tuesday, September 6, at Mimi's Restaurant in Yuma from 7-8 a.m. 

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