Quartzsite elects new mayor on recall election

Quartzsite elects new mayor on recall election

Quartzsite, Arizona August 30, 2011 - Jennifer Jade Jones ran in the recall election for Mayor Ed Foster's job, but then told voters to vote for Foster.

"There's been so much angry rhetoric, especially against the mayor and myself," says Jones.  "Somebody circulated a flyer, claiming we were trying to disincorporate the town and they another mailing to the registered voters, saying all kinds of things about us that were completely untrue. I guess in the end, it's going to come down to what people really believe."

Mayor Foster felt hopeful he'd win his own recall election.

"We're having sort of a really good turnout and I'm looking on that as a favorable moment for me right now that a large turnout is sort of good," says Foster, who was doing some last-minute campaigning near the polling place with supporters.  "I think I have an excellent chance of winning right now. I'm encouraged by the numbers of people that voted and by the favorable comments that I've received by some of the voters."

AFTER 8 p.m. Tuesday night, the unofficial results from La Paz County came in.

Of the 546 voters or 38 percent of registered voters voting in Ed Foster's recall election, Foster clinched the polling place votes.

But it was former town councilman and Quartzsite Fire Department Captain Jose Lizarraga who won, thanks to 208 early ballots.

"I truly believe that Mr. Foster and Miss Jones honestly do believe in what they say and what they do," says Lizarraga, a Quartzsite resident for 20 years.  "I just think there are better ways about going about fixing issues rather than possibly making what I believe might be a mockery of our town. I believe that there's a better way of actually rolling you sleeves up and diving into a problem or situation and getting it done."

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