AWC's "Career Coach" a job tool for Yuma County job hunters

AWC's "Career Coach" a job tool for Yuma County job hunters, students

Yuma, Arizona September 6, 2011 - Arizona Western College has a new tool to battle Yuma County's unemployment rate, which stands at a whopping 30 percent.

"We're not in a recession in Yuma," says Mel Parker, Career Development Coordinator at AWC.  "We're in a depression, if you look at our unemployment rate."

"Hopefully, this Career Coach tool, now that it's been implemented here at the college, hopefully a lot of people will take advantage of it and will help lower that unemployment rate," says Parker.

The "Career Coach" online search tool is accessible from AWC'S website:  And while it's intended primarily for AWC students, anyone looking for a job or career can use it.

"It provides a lot of useful information, not only jobs that are available in and around Yuma County, but all over the country for that matter," says Parker.  "You just type in your zip code and a job title and it will tell you what's available, but also wage information and employment projections."

"Career Coach" can also help you create a resume and what kind of additional training and education you may need.  And while "Career Coach" is a great search tool, job seekers need to hunt for their jobs, not sit by the phone waiting for an interview.

"Somebody was just telling me that there was a position here at the college.  It's a professional position, but it got 45 applications," says Parker.  "That's quite a lot so you can imagine an entry-level position will get many more than that.  And you've got to find a way to stand out in front of the crowd just to get an interview. And then, you know, you've got to ace the interview to get the job."

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