Mexicali port deemed as main gateway to smuggle cartel guns

Mexicali port deemed as main gateway to smuggle cartel guns

Calexico, CA-A high ranking member of the Sinaloa drug cartel pinpoints a local port of entry as a main gateway for thousands of weapons smuggled south of the border.

The Mexicali port of entry is said to be an open door to get the majority of guns, ammo and grenades into Mexico, which then falls into the hands of cartel members.

This according to a high ranking Sinaloa drug cartel member who is now in custody of Mexican federal police.

"It's just wrong, very wrong because it'll bring more problems and there will be so much insecurity," Maria Suñe, a Calexico resident said.

This caused a major shake-up at the Mexicali port causing the Mexican government to transfer 33 custom employees to other ports, including the port's director.

"There needs to be more security so we can feel safer," Guillermina Aguilera, a Mexicali resident said.@

Mexican authorities said they are sharing the information obtained by the suspect with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms in an effort to halt the illegal activity.

However, some local residents said Mexican port of entries should have the same level of security as the U.S. port of entries.

 "It's scary because you don't even know what's going on anymore," Mexicali resident Aurelio Martinez said. "Anybody who is anybody has a weapon now."@

Maria Suñe also believes Mexico should heighten their security as well.

"Everybody would love to have more security because everything will be better," Suñe said.

The suspect arrested has not been identified yet.

However, the two most recent Sinaloa cartel members arrested by Mexican authorities were "El Guicho" one of Baja California's most wanted man and Jean Baptiste Kingery.

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