Group files recall petitions on four Yuma County Board of Superv

Group files recall petitions on four Yuma County Board of Supervisors


Yuma, Arizona October 30, 2011 - Elgin Everly with "Citizens to Control Taxes" says property taxes in Yuma County are out-of-hand.

"The valuations are going on up on places when they should be going down," says Elgin.  "Now some of them, the valuation went down, but the tax bill went up because of the method they're using to tax, versus the old method.  They found they couldn't get enough money doing the old method so they changed the way...they changed the horse mid-stream, if you will."   

Last Friday, "Citizens to Control Taxes" filed recall petitions on four of five Yuma County Supervisors:  Russell McCloud (Dist. 2), Kathryn Prochaska (Dist. 3), Tony Reyes (Dist. 4), and Greg Ferguson (Dist. 5).

Everly says Lenore Stuart (Dist. 1) was the only county supervisor to consider the group's argument of lowering property taxes based on a so-called "glitch" in the county's property taxation system. 

"I talked with the County Tax Assessor (Joseph Wehrle) and one of the things I took to him that he found to be true [is] that there's an error in the taxation re-evaluation system when changing from Class 3 to Class 4, which is going to make people pay more property tax on rentals and if they're non-residents, they've got to pay more," says Everly.  "What it did was it doubled the valuation, which it shouldn't have done."

Everly hopes to get a lot of signatures for his recall drive.  And if he doesn't, he hopes other residents will get involved and demand fiscal accountability of its county officials.

"My own taxes went up this last time 19 percent and I'm a resident here.  The office will tell you where you pay your taxes that that's all for the schools, which it isn't," says Everly.  "I sat with Mr. Wehrle, the Tax Assessor, and I showed him where [of] my $90, only $27 of that went to schools.  The rest of it is creative taxation."

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