Yuma Regional Medical Center new patient floor now available

Yuma Regional Medical Center new patient floor now available

Yuma, az-A local hospital has a new wing on its premises to help meet the needs of patients in the Desert Southwest.

Yuma Regional Medical Center officials have announced that it finally completed its project and it will start transferring its trauma and surgical patients to its new fourth floor by the end of the week.

The empty halls and rooms are now ready to be filled with patients and staff by the end of the week. 

"We're really pleased with the community that came together to get this done cause starting November we expect our volume to increase at least 30 to 40 percent," Pat Walz, president and CEO of YRMC said.

Walz said  the new floor has a total of 36 beds.

He said they're specifically designed to fit the needs of surgical patients.

"This is really exciting, last year we had high volumes through our emergency department and we were not able to put them out on the floor because of space," Walz said.

Every room has a big window to help nurses keep an eye on their patients while they are at their working station.

Restroom and shower areas have a flat floor so patients don't have step up to use it, which lessens their risk of falling.

"We're starting to move surgery patients by the end of the week onto this floor and well do some renovations on that floor and have that available for winter visitors as people come in," he said.

A new nurse calling system was also installed to help improve communication among staff.

Locating devices are implanted into a nurse's badge in order for staff to know where nurses are at all times. 
The calling system also has different color codes to depict what type of help is needed.

Code blue is when a patients needs to be resucitated and when it happens it'll be announced through a speaker.


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