Vial of blood belonging to Pope John Paul II arrives in Mexicali

Vial of blood belonging to Pope John Paul II arrives in Mexicali

Yuma, AZ-The essence of Pope John Paul II has made its way to the Desert Southwest. 

 The vial of blood belonging to John Paul made its way to Mexicali this afternoon.     

Thousands of people gathered at the Catholic church called Senora Guadalupe to see the wax figure of the pope.

 The wax figure has been on a tour arriving at many cities and this time it was Mexicali's turn.

"Minutes before the relic of the beatified John Paul II arrives. We have been preparing ourselves for about a month. We have prayed, we have held vigils and retreats," said Jose Isidro Guerrero, Bishop of Senora Guadalupe church in Mexicali.

The vial of blood was extracted shortly before his death in 2005. 

It now rests between the hands of a wax figure inside a glass casket of the recently beatified pope.

The figurine also wears clothing once belonged to the pope.

John Paul visited Mexico about five times during his papacy and was known to be quite enamored with the country.       
"We want that this visitation will give us peace. So we can have peace in our homes and our society. And whoever we run into, to share that virtue that is greatly needed in the world, our country and in Mexicali," Guerrero said.

 The relic is on a four month tour of Mexico's 91 Catholic dioceses. 
 It includes many cities shattered by cartel violence in mexico which has claimed more than 40,000 lives. 

Men,women of all ages including school children came to see the likeness of John Paul and for some it was an emotional moment.

One man who came to visit the Pope figure with his relative said it has increased their faith.

"She is going through something very delicate,but we are faithful that everything will be ok. We need her to be here for more than a thousand reasons," he said. "She's a little delicate right now and shes going to the hospital today but with our faith in god we think well be ok."

"I am so happy, very content," another vistor said. "Its unbelievable that the relic of the pope has come to this humble place. Its a miracle."

The celebration will end at 5 a.m and the casket will be on its way to Tijuana.

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