Yuma Del Sol Market employee's want to form a union

Yuma Del Sol Market employee's want to form a union


Workers from the Del Sol Market 16th Street and 4th Avenue in Yuma were outside their place of employment Thursday night, fighting for better working conditions and benefits, as they try to form a union.

Del Sol employees say they appreciate their jobs, but they want some positive changes in their work place, including a voice to represent them.

They say Victor Salcido, the president of the company, has hired anti-union consultants. 

Molly Caprio, a Del Sol Employee, tells News 13 several people from different departments at the market have been taken off shift and brought to meetings where the consultants are trying to convince them forming a union would not benefit them.

She says this has put a strain on their service, which has caused longer check out lines and unhappy customers.

Lilly Flores, a United Food & Commercial Workers Internationay representative, says this has been going on for sometime now.

She says an election is scheduled for December 16th and 17th.

However, employee's feel Mr. Salcido's fight is wrong and that it should be up to them on whether or not they want to join a union free from management pressure tactics.

Salcido also owns Factor Warehouse, Kings Market and several other stores in the Desert Southwest.

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