Hundreds of people evacuate a telemarketing center in San Luis a

Hundreds of people evacuate a telemarketing center in San Luis after bomb threat.

San Luis, AZ-Hundreds of people at a major telemarketing center in the Desert Southwest are evacuated after receiving a bomb threat this morning.

Employees have now been allowed back in the building.

Employees at Advanced Call Center Technologies said it was the work of a disgruntled employee who just wanted to get revenge because he was recently fired.

"I'm use to bomb threats, at NCO we had them too. But this time it seemed like it was a coincidence, we had a bomb and that they randomly set it on of the cars and this boy had something they picked up apparently," an ACT employee who wished to remain anonymous said.

But local law enforcement don't like to take threats lightly.

"We've had other bomb threats in the area but procedure is procedure. We worry about the safety of the citizens and obviously we have to respond the same way," Miguel Alvarez of the San Luis Police Department said.

Alvarez said about 500 employees at ACT were evacuated around 11 a.m. due to a suspected bomb threat anonymously called into the telemarketing business.

"It was a disgruntled employee from our end but I mean I heard it was made from a 627 number," the anonymous ACT employee said.

 San Luis PD said the explosive was reported to be in the parking lot area.

Nearby businesses had to be shut down and evacuate as well.

Police said Yuma's Marine Corps Air Station explosive ordinance disposal team and other federal agencies were called in and searched a suspicious black SUV at the call center's parking lot.

KSWT spoke to the owner of the vehicle who was surprised to find out his vehicle was targeted. 

"The bomb sniffing dogs targeted as possibly having a bomb in it which it obviously didn't because I have my truck at home right now. They x-rayed it, they went through it and broke things," Scott Maxon said. " At the end of the day, they broke both of my door locks even though they had the keys and that just sucks."  

Maxon said he had nothing to do with the bomb threat.

He was never handcuffed and had to sit in the back of a police car for about 8 hours.

He says his greatest frustration is that his car was being dismantled.

Authorities said other employee cars were also searched. Five hours later, police say they turned up empty handed.

"Nothing was found on scene. It was later cleared being safe and people were able to come back to work areas," Alvarez said.

Sources tell us they saw an employee get arrested in connection to the incident.

But police say a different story.

The investigation is still ongoing and they're still following investigative leads to try and find the person who made the call," Alvarez said.

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