Arizona Western College and Gov. Brewer flip switch to solar

Arizona Western College and Gov. Brewer flip the switch to solar

Yuma, Arizona December 6, 2011 - For Arizona Western College President Dr. Glenn Mayle, the mechanical sound of these solar arrays on his campus is music to his ears.

"I just wanted to point out to you that every once in awhile when the solar moves, it makes quite a racket," says Dr. Mayle.  "We refer to that as the solar symphony.  So don't be concerned.  It's just a noise that's saving the district money and anytime I think about saving money, it can't be all bad."

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer celebrated AWC's switch to solar power with Dr. Mayle as they flipped a switch on stage in front of hundreds attending the college's historic event.

"Teamwork is what made possible this wonderful event today as we're poised to flip the switch on energy independence to a large college district," says Gov. Brewer.

APS and Rosendin Electric helped install the solar arrays, which will provide AWC With 100-percent of its daytime electricity needs.

"By installing five one-megawatt systems with five different technologies, Arizona Western College is providing a working laboratory for its students and creating essentially an energy park right outside the classroom," says Pat Dinkel, Vice President of Power Marketing, Resource Planning and Acquisition for APS.

Bruce Mercy with PPA Partners helped develop the AWC Solar Installation Project program.

"I've had the opportunity to make a difference," says Mercy.  "Hopefully in the lives of those individuals who will do the research, take the classes, train for a job and make a better tomorrow for themselves and the planet."

Main Street Power's Jonathan Postal secured financing with Morgan Stanley to make the solar project happen.

"We work to bridge the gap between Wall Street and Main Street, hence our name and providing development capital, construction finance, project equity and permanent debt to own and operate theses systems for the next 30 years with our great partner, AWC," says Postal.

Gov. Brewer says solar power will help the state's economy and that AWC sets the example for others to follow.

"Now we are the third in the country in solar manufacturing and generation," says Gov. Brewer.  "We have established hundreds and hundreds of new jobs with the hopes of that we will get thousands more new jobs and we have been designated the solar state of the country."

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