SENTRI lane users in San Luis Rio Colorado could soon pay a fee

SENTRI lane users in San Luis Rio Colorado could soon pay a fee

San Luis Rio Colorado--Border crossers in the Desert Southwest may now have to pay a fee when using a lane to cross into the United States.

Everybody wants to cross into the U.S. faster but here in the Desert Southwest somebody has found a way to try and make a profit out of it.

"Everybody in San Luis is completely against it," AMartha Alicia Soltero, a San Luis Rio Colorado resident said.

"What are they basing themselves off of? Those from the United States offers us faster entry but here what do they have to offer?" Raul Juarez said.

Both of them are considered trusted travelers. They paid nearly $150 and underwent extensive background checks to ensure expedited travel between the U.S. and Mexico border.

But a private company named, Concession and International Cocopah Bridge started constructing two toll booths on Carlos Avenue and 16th street in San Luis Rio Colorado.

They plan on charging SENTRI lane users a $1.85 for anybody who uses SENTRI lanes.

"It's kind of ridiculous what the federal Mexican government wants to do in regarding to placing a toll road on something that's already there just to try to make a buck or two for those people that expedite to cross into the states much quicker," Juan Carlos Escamilla, City of San Luis mayor said.

Construction of the two toll booths have been suspended because the private company does not have any of the municipal permits.

But there's no word yet on when the permits will be granted or when construction will pick up again.

Spanish media report that the fees will also apply to those who use the Ready lane.

A lane quicker than the traditional lanes to cross into the U.S. but slower than the SENTRI lanes.

A ready lane doesn't exist yet at the San Luis Port of entry.

One SENTRI user says many of their questions have gone unanswered.

"They should focus on repairing the roads with our taxes instead. There are a lot of questions and very little answers," Soltero said.

"If we put more obstacles on them to pay a fee even though it's a minimum of $2 or $3, its ridiculous for some road that's already been made or built. Its just not fair for those people," Escamilla said.

KSWT News 13 also found out that the private company has threatened to sue a resident because she was complaining about the possible fees.

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