Black Sheep Squadron 214 returns to Yuma from Philippines

Black Sheep Squadron 214 returns to Yuma from Philippines

MCAS Yuma, Arizona December 7, 2011 - Marines with Marine Attack Squadron 214 (VMA 214)came home to Yuma early Wednesday afternoon.  Sgt. Joseph Stone's daughters can't wait to celebrate his homecoming.

"I feel like Daddy will be home 'cause we can have a party for him," chimes his second youngest daughter.

Sgt. Stone looks forward to reconnecting with his girls after his six-month deployment.

"I didn't go through my daughter's first birthday.  I skipped [my daughters' birthdays last year," says Sgt. Stone, a proud father of four daughters.  His youngest was six-months old when he left on deployment.  "So it's hard on us, but we sign up for a reason.  We're not told to do it on our own."

It's Heather Stone's first homecoming experience as a military spouse.

"[It's] very exciting," says Heather.  "I get help now with the children."

Cpl. Leticia Hall and her husband take turns raising their daughter, Letty.

"I work on the Harriers and I'm a mechanic.  And, well, my husband does the same thing," says Cpl. Hall.  "He went on deployment first when I was pregnant with her and had her when he was on deployment.  Then he came back when she was three months old.  And then a few months later, it's my turn to go on the 31st E. U. [Exploratory Unit]."

Cpl. Hall left on deployment when Letty was six-months old.

"And now I'm back six months later," says Cpl. Hall.  "My baby's all grown, speaking Spanish, and it was really hard to leave her, really hard."

"For her to be home right now, it's just a piece of the puzzle that fits all together, you know," says Cpl. Hall's husband, who also a corporal at MCAS Yuma.  "So we miss her a lot and our daughter, Letty, and it's just awesome to have her home."

While most of the Blacksheeps returned to MCAS Yuma Wednesday afternoon, the remaining members, which consists of pilots and their support crews, will return Sunday, Dec. 11 at 3:00 p.m.

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