Mexico Federal Election Institute seek Mexican citizens in U.S.

Mexico's Federal Election Institute seek Mexican citizens in U.S. for vote

Yuma, AZ--The race for the next Mexican president in on. 

 The country's elections office is seeking Mexican citizens living in the U.S. for their vote especially here in the Desert Southwest.

The next president of Mexico will inherit a bloody war with drug cartels along with issues of unemployment and poverty.

According to Mexico's Federal Election Institute, it will be the second time Mexican citizens living abroad will be able to have their voice heard.

"I believe its a great opportunity that were able to vote and have a voice there too," Oskar Mojardin said in Spanish.

As Mexico's presidential elections is coming up, the country's election office is seeking Mexican nationals living in the U.S. to cast their vote.

Mojardin lives in Somerton and has dual citizenship in Mexico and the U.S.

He said he left San Luis Rio Colorado because he simply wasn't making ends meet.

But said he still cares about politics in his home country.

"We simply need to have trust. Even though our vote may seem it won't matter but we should encourage everybody to do what they can and wait for good voting results," he said.

According to IFE, the 2006 election was the first time Mexicans living in the U.S. were allowed to vote.

San Luis resident Liliana Arroyo, a Mexican national who's in the process of obtaining dual citizenship as well said she refuses to give up her right to vote because of her close ties south of the border.

"Some people like us, who live in a border town, like here, constantly visit Mexico," Arroyo said. "So anything that happens in Mexico will also affect us somehow or another."

She said having a voice in two different countries is of great importance especially if you have another home in Mexico.

Mexican presidential elections will be held in July of next year.

For more information about applying for dual citizenship or obtaining a voting registration form be sure to visit Mexico's Consulate in Yuma.

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