UPDATE: Neighbors Speak Out About Deaths in Dome Valley

UPDATE: Neighbors Speak Out About Deaths in Dome Valley

UPDATE: Dome Valley, AZ- 

Neighbors who believe the 2 bodies and dogs found in the home on the 22,000 Bock in Dome Valley belong to the owners, Jesse Firestone and his wife Deidre.

Curtis Jones shares a memory of Jesse Firestone who he says enjoyed riding his Harley and was a retired crop duster.  

"You would see him come down the road with his horse , he would be running beside his horse with his cowboy boots and nothing else on," says Mr. Jones.

Jessica Jones says Mr. Firestone also had other interests.  

"His dogs, he would just take them for rides, he treated them like his kids - he loved them so much and was very proud of them," says Mrs. Jones.  

Mrs. Jones who has known Mr. Firestone since a young age says when she found out about the incident she was shocked because she says he loved his wife more than anything.

The Yuma County Sheriff's Office says the man who called in Friday afternoon reported he shot his wife because she was ill.  

Mrs. Jones believes Mrs. Firestone having an illness could be a real motive for what took place.

"He loved her passionately, I mean yes, I believe, if that was the case, the truth is that's why he did it, he wouldn't want to go on without her," says Mrs. Jones.

Mrs. Firestone was a little different and more reserved according to Mr. Jones...

"She was the type of person who didn't like to get out, almost like a type of a loner," says Mr. Jones.

The Jones say Mrs. Firestone was an artist and News 13 found some of her work online.

The Jones say the Firestones could be considered as pagans.  

YCSO has not confirmed nor denied whether the bodies belong to the people who lived in the residence at this time.



Dome Valley, AZ- Day's after gunfire and an explosion at a home in Dome Valley, Sheriff's confirm two people have been found dead, along with 2 dogs.

The nearest neighbors speak out about the owners of the home and possible suspect and victims involved. 

Deputies were initially called to the home on the 22,000 Block of East-8th Street in Dome Valley on Friday after receiving a call from a man who claimed he killed his wife because she was sick and had intentions to kill his own dogs according to the Yuma County Sheriff's Office.

Jessica Jones says officers mistakenly went to her house first.

"I got out of the shower and I heard my dogs tearin up, I looked out the window and saw officers, they came to the door and told me to come out with my hands up," says Jones.

Jones says officers made her get down to the ground and put handcuffs on her because they were confused about the address. 

"They just knew they were looking for a Jesse. They said he called and shot his wife and they were asking me if I was Jesse and I was thinking in my head, people call me Jesse but I am not the one they are looking for," says Jones. 

Jones says after authorities realized they indeed had the wrong person they uncuffed her and she says she directed them to the house they were actually looking for.

Jones says the neighbors and owners of the home are Jesse firestone and his wife Deidra and confirmed with News 13 these pictures from Facebook are the photos of their neighbors in question.

She has known Jesse Firestone since a young age.

"I was a waitress when I was 13, he was one of the customers who came in daily. He was awesome, he always had a smile on his face, no matter where you saw him," says Jones.

He would refer to her as "sis"-  according to Jones and she says she didn't know Deidra well but was very surprised to hear this incident happened.

YCSO says due to the conditions of the decedents located in the residence the remains were transported for forensic autopsy to determine the cause of death and positive identification.

YCSO can not confirm or deny whether the bodies belong to the people who lived in the residence at this time.

The Jones say they witnessed people, possibly family removing items from the home yesterday with assistance from officers.






Dome Valley, AZ- Authorities continue to investigate the home of the man who allegedly shot his wife, shot at officers and allegedly caused an explosion and fire.  

The Yuma County Sheriff's Office along with other entities were out in Dome Valley investigating and clearing out the remainders of the residence after Friday's incident.

According to YCSO, Officers responded to a call where a man said he shot his wife, dogs and upon arrival officers were shot at too.  

"While other officers responded to the scene numerous other shots were observed coming from the residence and shortly there after more officers arrived and more shots happened and a hissing sound started and the residence exploded from the living areas is what we determined today," says Major Leon Wilmont.

News 13 spoke with the nearest neighbor living in the 22 thousand block.

"What happened, I was at work and she called me upset because the deputies originally came to our house looking for him and she told him where he lived, I started driving home and I saw a big explosion," says Curtis Jones.

Jones believes it was his neighbor Jesse Firestone, wife and dogs involved.  

He says they were friendly with their neighbors, and Jesse Firestone would visit them occasionally and they even had a nick name for him.

"We called him crazy Jesse, but he wasn't a psycho or anything, he was just a normal guy like the rest of the winter visitors. All of them have a little weirdness to them. He was a good guy everybody liked him who knew him, so everybody was very surprised to hear this happened, says Jones.

The names of the suspect or alleged victims have not been officially released.

"Our investigative team is in there now trying to locate the individuals that are inside. We can't release any names right now because we don't have any positive identification," says Wilmont.  

According to Wilmot remains are difficult to find because of the explosion and the fire that occurred.  

The YCSO asks for anyone with information regarding this case to please contact them. 



Dome Valley, AZ-- Yuma Sheriff's say they received a disturbing phone call from a man who reportedly told them he shot his wife.

Yuma County Sheriff's say they received a call at around 1:30 PM from a man claiming he shot his wife to death and their dogs.

Authorities made their way to a house on the 22,000 block of East County 8th Street.

When authorities arrived, they say they were met with gun fire from a person inside the house.

Yuma sheriff's say at least one Sheriff's car was hit by a bullet, but no deputies were hit. Authorities say shortly after there was an explosion at the home followed by a fire.

Authorities say a Yuma county Sheriff's Officer was injured due to that explosion and was taken to Yuma Regional medical Center for treatment for a possible concussion.

the Fire was mostly put out by 6:00PM.   However, the structural integrity is being questioned because of the explosion and has not allowed authorities to locate any victims or the suspect at the time.

The names of the suspect or alleged victims have not been released.


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