Mexican Consulates offers absentee ballots for Mexico's presiden

Mexican Consulates offers absentee ballots for Mexico's presidential elections

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Calexico, CA--The deadline to vote for the next Mexican president is approaching.

Mexico will choose a new president in the beginning of July.

But the deadline to participate is approaching fast and for the second time in history Mexicans can cast their vote from the U.S. or around the globe.

"It's really important to participate. Just because we live in the United States or any other part of the world we stop being Mexicans," Gina Andrea Cruz, consul of Mexico in Calexico said. "It's important to participate and be part of the decisions made in Mexico."

Mexican consulates across the nation are encouraging Mexican nationals living in the U.S. to sign up for a voting ballot.

According to the Mexican Federal Electoral Institute web site, the deadline to register for an absentee ballot is January 15th.

IFE's web site said if the form is approved it will send the person a ballot at their foreign address between April 16th and May 20th.

"Even though were on the outside, the decisions made there will affect us or benefit us, so that's why its important to participate," Cruz said.

Cruz said consulates and Mexican Embassies can't help voters complete or mail in their ballots but can only offer information about voting abroad program and offering voting registration forms.

She points out that a voting credential is a must to register.

She said if you don't have one, credentials can only be obtained in Mexico and picked up in person.

"In the end, we have family back in Mexico," Cruz said. "The decisions made in our country will impact us all and those who are on the outside."

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