BP Statistics out for the Desert Southwest 2011 fiscal year

BP Statistics out for the Desert Southwest 2011 fiscal year

Some Border Patrol Agencies across the Desert Southwest saw a decrease in arresting illegal border crossers but an increase in drug seizures over the past fiscal year.
Both the El Centro Sector and Yuma Sector Border Patrol experienced a drop in apprehensions during the fiscal year of 2011. 
"The number of apprehensions we have had at the el Centro sector are at an all time low-. we have had just over 30,000 apprehensions in the fiscal year of 2011. Nationwide we have seen a 47% decrease and that's in the past 3 years and that's half of what it was in the year 2000 which was 1.6million," says Jonathan Creighlow BPA- El Centro.
According to the Yuma sector they experienced a 43-year low in apprehensions, arresting over 5,000 illegal immigrants.     
Both agencies attribute their successes to the dedication of their agents, enhanced training, significant investments in technology, tactical infrastructure and partnerships with local law enforcement agencies.      
With the enhanced technologies the drug seizures continue to increase according to the el Centro Sector.
"This was one of our busiest years, we seized 51,000 pounds of illegal narcotics, which equates to almost 80 million dollars in street value," says Creighlow.  
The Yuma sector says they experienced a 16% decrease compared to 2010 across the board in drugs and confiscated 31,000 pounds.
Both sectors had highlights for the fiscal year of 2011.
Agent Jonathon Creighlow tells News 13, which ones stood out.   
"In September we had one of the largest seizures ever at our sector and the largest of Customs and Border Patrol. It was 14 tons of marijuana out of a single freight tractor trailer valued at over $22 million as of a result of a K9 Alert. We also presented over 30 illegal alien sex offenders to the prosecution office and 19 of which have been prosecuted already," says Creighlow
According to the Yuma Sector, some of their highlights for 2011 included prosecution of transnational criminals, the amount of rescues executed and informing high school students of Border Patrol operations.
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