Phoenix Children's Hospital Branch Open at YRMC

Phoenix Children's Hospital Branch Open at YRMC

Families in the Desert Southwest no longer have to travel long distances for their children's medical care.

With the opening of a new children's center in Yuma, one local family shares with news 13 what this means to them....

The Phoenix Children's Hospital has opened a branch of pediatric care at the Yuma Regional Medical Center.

The carol family tells News 13 how this will greatly benefit them.

"We are excited to have the children's hospital here locally so we do not have to travel so far to phoenix to see a specialist. We have been traveling for 2 years and it started off every 2 weeks and then it went to once a month and we follow with that on a regular basis," says Dawnell Carroll, parent of child in need of specialty care.

The visits to Phoenix were not only costly but also difficult for her son, 12 year-old Austyn.

"It was very uncomfortable for my son and all the pain he was going through, the travel time became harder and harder for him, so this will be nice knowing that when he's not feeling good,it will be right around the corner," says Dawnell Carroll.

According to Austin's mom, he has been diagnosed with a type of Osteomylitis, a very rare bone disease and says there is only one other similar case in the state of Arizona.

"It's in his bones, what eventually happens is the blood supply is cut off to the bone and the bones begin to deteriorate. My grandson has already lost 2 of his vertebras," says Retha Roberts, Grandmother of Austyn Carroll.

"It's been really hard knowing your brother has a disease and they can't treat it," says Prestyn Carroll, younger brother of Austyn Carroll.

Austyn's grandmother says his condition is chronic and he will need on going treatment.

Austyn says the disease prevents him from doing things he would like, but with the help from doctors now here in Yuma, he remains hopeful for the future.

"I'm really looking forward to the day I can participate in PE, running with my friends, riding bikes and really just being active," says Austyn Carroll.

Yuma's Phoenix Children's Hospital branch is now scheduling appointments for 2012.


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