Man walking across America stops in Yuma on way to San Diego

Man walking across America stops in Yuma on way to San Diego

Yuma, Arizona December 6, 2012 - Anthony Lambing travels pretty light.  He posts daily updates of his travels on his website and more.

"I do everything with just an iPhone," says Lambing.  "Update the website, take the pictures, run the Facebook page, my everything."

Lambing is walking to San Diego with nothing more than his Schwinn jogging trailer and necessities for his five-month trip.  He started his cross country walking journey from South Carolina in August, not for any cause.  He just wanted to see America on his terms.

"Whether I'm staying at a fire station or just all of these places that I'm able to go, I'm able to see what's going on behind the scenes of so many different types of places that the normal person just doesn't have access to," says Lambing.

Lambing walks three miles per hour and averages 20 miles per day.  He only brought two pairs of hiking boots for his journey.

"The first pair lasted from South Carolina to right around Dallas," says Lambing.  "And I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away after they were used up.  So I just kept them with me as a souvenir and I switched over to my second pair of shoes.  I'm going to be able to do the entire 2,500 mile walk using only two pairs of shoes."

Lambing is heading towards Imperial Valley.  He hopes to make some friends there.

"I'm looking for recommendations on places to eat.  I maybe staying with a family there, I'm not sure," says Lambing.  "I maybe getting a motel, but whatever it is, I won't be sitting around the town all day.  I do want to go out and see things."

Lambing says anyone can do a cross country walk across America.  He planned his trip, thanks to the Internet.

"Google it, whatever trip it is.  Whether it's long-distance walking, long-distance bicycling, hiking," says Lambing.  "Whatever it is, look for someone who's done something very similar.  There's probably someone who has shared their experience online."

Lambing's employer, Target, gave him six months leave with benefits.  He treasures the experience.

"When I'm done with this, I'm going to fly back to St. Louis and have my job just how I left it," says Lambing.  "But with a new appreciation for the small things in life, that's for sure."
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