Snapshots of war zone comes to the Yuma Art Center

Snapshots of war zone comes to the Yuma Art Center

Yuma, AZ--A local art center showcases paintings and photographs straight from the war zone.

The portraits are not figments of the artist's imagination.

They're real life events told from the perspective of a U.S. soldier inside a combat zone.

These images freeze the moment when helicopters are firing rounds, paratroopers jumping off airplanes or Humvees crossing the desert.

"It's really the connection between what our soldiers are doing when they're deployed and what the Yuma Proving Grounds provides in terms of testing, evaluation, research development on the equipment," Bill Heidner, YPG museum curator said.

Heidner said about 40 pieces were selected from the U.S. Army center of military history.

He said the pieces are perfect to represent the spirit of Yuma Military festival, a three day event featuring military band performances to old war movies.

"We're seeing it through the soldier's eyes but everything represents a place like desert testing or tropic region testing on actual equipment that was tested out at YPG," Heidner said.

He said even though the images are reproductions of the originals the quality is top notch.

Also, more than a dozen photographs from the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma were selected and put on display in the art gallery.

"An artist is an artist wherever he or she is," Carolyn Bennett of the Yuma Fine Arts said. "They see something that inspires them and they have to get it out."

The Yuma Art CEnter will be open Friday from 10am to 7p.m. and also on Saturday and Sunday from 10a.m. to 5p.m.





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