Judge disqualifies San Luis candidate stating English deficien

Judge disqualifies San Luis candidate stating English deficiency


Yuma County Superior Court Judge John Nelson heard several hours of testimony on Alejandra Cabrera today.

There was testimony from a linguistics expert, Cabrera herself and people she worked with in the past.

The linguistics expert Dr. William Eggington says several tests he performed showed Cabrera has only a minimal survival range in the English language.

Her attorneys disagreed saying the doctors test isn't credible.

In conclusion to it all, Judge Nelson found Cabrera's name should not be considered as a candidate for the upcoming San Luis City council elections because he believes she is not qualified.

Cabrera's lawyers say disqualifying a candidate for this reason is unconstitutional and unfair because there is no real set standard for how much English a council candidate must speak.

Her lawyers say they will further discuss the matter before considering an appeal.

Mayor Juan Carlos Escamilla says the City of San Luis is working to protect their voters by offering candidates who are qualified.

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