San Luis Rio Colorado Mayor says SENTRI lane issue tainted by po

San Luis Rio Colorado Mayor says SENTRI lane issue tainted by politics

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San Luis Rio Colorado--The city mayor who stopped construction of controversial toll booths at a local port of entry says the issue has been tainted by politics.

San Luis Rio Colorado's Mayor Manuel Baldenebro said his office hasn't seen a single document stating that the Mexican federal government ordered a private company to build toll booths and charge SENTRI lane users to cross into the United States.

He feels the issue has also been touched by politics.

"Mexico is going through political times. What really is going on is that Leonardo Guillen just like Enrique Reina are candidates seeking the popular vote," Baldenebro said. "Suddenly they get involved in this issue and act like the super heroes to save the town."

Recently, political party-PAN member Leonardo Guillen, who represents San Luis Rio Colorado in Mexico's congress took down construction barriers with his own hands.

Baldenebro said Guillen should have instead gone through the courts.

The city of San Luis Rio Colorado claim they were in their right to halt construction of the toll booths and sue the Industrial International Park because they didn't submit the proper paperwork to block the road.

"The city is simply fighting against someone who closed down the roads and we are calling them to appear in court for the crime committed and for the damages done to the road," he said. "I can't oppose the federal government's decision because no one has seen anything about an order."

Baldenbro said he's against fees imposed on those who wish to cross quicker through a U.S. port of entry.

He said the United States decides how fast and how slow border traffic goes.

As for now, cars are crossing freely through SENTRI lanes.



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