Shooting incident in El Centro possibly a crime of passion

Shooting incident in El Centro possibly a crime of passion


El Centro, CA January 31, 2012 - A shooting that happened around 1:00 this morning worries residents here in the 1700-block of Brighton Avenue.

"The suspects fired a number of shots at the second floor condominium next to the window," explained Commander Jeff Mason with the El Centro Police Department.  "We were able to recover several bullets to use in later fire arms matching, should we be able to recover the firearm."

El Centro Police believe the crime of passion, a love scorned.  It involved a suspect, his former girlfriend and her new boyfriend."

Authorities identified one of the suspects as this man:  23-year-old Ulisses Cisneros of El Centro.

Commander Mason said witnesses told investigators that Cisneros wasn't thrilled to see his ex-girlfriend with another man.  Cisneros and one or two other suspects fired handguns from the parking lot area towards the condo. 

"The officers conducting the investigation learned that the events unfolded because of Cisneros being at this complex, his ex-girlfriend being here and her current boyfriend being here at the condominium," said Commander Mason.

Cisneros and the other suspects remain at-large.  Authorities describe the other suspects as Hispanic males in their early 20's, of medium height and slim builds.  Commander Mason says investigators continue to work on the case.

"Thankfully, no one inside the condominium was hurt and the suspects did not make an entry into the condominium," said Commander Mason.  "They didn't attempt to make any entry into the condominium."

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