Former AEA employees testify against the Liddles

Former AEA employees testify against the Liddles


PHOENIX, Ariz. - Testimonies in day eight of the AEA fraud trial against a Yuma couple are well ahead of schedule as two former employees and an FBI agent took the stand.

William Liddle and his wife, Rhonda face 68 counts of fraud, conspiracy and money laundering.

On Wednesday former consultant, Steve Sala, testified that when he was hired in April 2010 by AEA, the business was a mess.

He said important lending documentation were missing.

Sala said it was disturbing that William Liddle was the chief financial officer to former Top of the Kress owner, Fran Ruiz's entities.

Daria "Sunni" Espinoza also took the stand on Wednesday. Espinoza was the controller for Ruiz's entities from May 2008 to July 2009.

Espinoza said Ruiz had no loan limits and that Mr. Liddle told her Ruiz can get as much money as he needed.

She also said none of Ruiz's loan payments were being paid with other loans, and he also withdrew money from his loans without any documentation at to where the money was going.

The third person to take the stand was FBI agent Joseph Montoya. He said Ruiz had checks made out to him or cash for thousands of dollars. Montoya said right after Ruiz cashed those checks, Mrs. Liddle would make a deposit into the couples' Chase account for the exact amount of money.

Mr. Liddle is expected to testify next week.  


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