Prosecutors rest their case in AEA fraud trial

Prosecutors rest their case in AEA fraud trial


PHOENIX, Ariz. - Prosecutors rested their case against Bill and Rhonda Liddle just before 4 p.m. Thursday.

Testimonies resumed from Wednesday with FBI agent, Joseph Montoya on the stand.

Montoya testified an overwhelming majority of the checks were cashed from Ruiz's entity. But in both cases the, Liddles would either receive a certain amount of the draw or the whole thing that same day or within a few days after.

Montoya pointed out Rhonda as the primary person to make the cash deposit into hers and her husband's Chase checking account through the handwriting on the deposit slip, even though there was no handwritten name as to who was making the deposit, except for a few slips that did have Rhonda's name on it.

Montoya testified money was also use to pay the Liddles' other expenses. Checks from the Liddles' bank statements showed Rhonda paid all the bills.

Montoya also testified about conversation he had with Rhonda at the Immaculate Conception parking lot after dropping her two daughters off in November 2009. He said he told Rhonda the FBI was investigating her husband, Frank Ruiz, and Dan Thelen.

He went on to say she handled the financial proceeds of it and to make the situation less messy, she should sit down with the FBI and talk.

Mr. Liddle quit his job at AEA the following month.

He is expected to take the stand next week.

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