Mexican Consulate in Yuma provides help for its trafficked

Mexican Consulate in Yuma provides help for its trafficked citizens

Yuma, Arizona February 3, 2012 - The Mexican Consulate in Yuma is concerned for its citizens, whether or not they're in the U.S. legally.  They're particularly concerned for victims of human trafficking.

"Let's say a person that crosses because he or she is a product of trafficking, we'll go to this Yuma Patrol station.  So we go there," says Pinzon.  "We make an interview, a consular interview.  We make sure of all the things he or she requires."

Patricia Pinzon says they see on average 50 Mexican nationals a day entering the border illegally. 

"We try to make exhaustive interviews to know whether he or she was forced," says Pinzon of human trafficked victims.

Pinzon says the Mexican Consulate is concerned about victims who can't speak for themselves.

"We pay special attention to minors.  Recently, we've been having lots of minors," says Pinzon.   "For example, minors that cross and are being processed as adults.  So we really consider this.  This is a very vulnerable population."

The Mexican Consulate offers help its citizens trapped in hopeless situations.

"Victims of domestic violence, victims of sexual abuse," says Pinzon of those citizens they've helped.  "Besides the legal aid, we have economic financial aid for medical studies, for any documents, for anything they need."

The Mexican Consulate in Yuma also helps its citizen victims apply for special visas to stay in the U.S.

The Violence Against Women's Act provides those subjected to criminal abuses to obtain a its special visa And the U-Visa grants criminal abuse victims temporary legal status and work eligibility for up to four years.  The Consulate also works closely with local agencies as well.

"We have a very good relation and networking with all the organization that do kind of the same things here in Yuma. Amberly's Place, the County's Victims Services and many other institutions here," says Pinzon.  "So we work by referrals also."

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