Jury starts deliberations in AEA fraud trial

Jury starts deliberations in AEA fraud trial

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Bill Liddle Found Guilty on ALL counts in the AEA Fraud Trial. 
Rhonda Liddle Found guilty on 30 of 44 counts.


PHOENIX, Ariz. - Closing arguments have concluded in the AEA fraud trial against Yuma couple Bill and Rhonda Liddle.

Assistant U.S. District Attorney Raymond Woo delivered the last closing argument this morning. He says the defense is right and it's a case about wonderland.

Woo continues by saying there is absolutely no evidence towards a conversation between Mr. Liddle and Ken Bredemeyer and it violates AEA business lending policy. He says that same policy was written by Mr. Liddle himself.

Woo questioned as a banker, why Mr. Liddle let more than $280,000 sit in his house in a safe and not earn interest for years.

The prosecution questioned the Liddle's finances by saying if they truly had money in that safe at home, then they should have been able to pay off a credit card bill they had in 2004. According to the DA's Office, the credit card bill at the time was more than $1,300 but the Liddle's were only making $40 monthly payments.

Woo said there are a million reasons why Rhonda would aid and abet her husband. He said, in 2007 two of her husband's biggest clients started giving her cash. Woo said you don't need education to know it's criminal money.

In conclusion, the prosecutor said the Liddle's were living a life of fraud when they were receiving cash they knew wasn't legitimate.

Jurors have reached a verdict in day two of deliberations.  

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