Superintendent in Brawley rehired after being fired in June

Superintendent in Brawley rehired after being fired in June


Brawley, CA- The Brawley Elementary School District Board voted unanimously in a meeting Tuesday to rehire Ron Garcia as superintendent. News 13 reported to you back in June that Ron Garcia had been voted out in a 3-2 Vote from his position by the previous board.

Garcia says he had a great first day back on the job.  

"I started early visiting a couple school sites, visited a staff meeting, but I think what I am going to most remember the most about my first day back is of course seeing the little kids in school going to class," says Garcia. 

Eric Reyes the Executive Director of the Institute for Socio-Economic Justice says his organization was the one who originally filed a law suit against the school district after they fired Garcia. 

He tells News 13 there was no transparency and many things were handled wrong. Reyes says it feels like justice has been served now that Garcia is superintendent again.  Garcia says many people back him up after he was terminated.  

"I had a lot of support in terms of direction that I had started along with the staff and they utilized the democratic process to voice their concerns.  I feel very humbled to be given a second chance to work here and accomplish those goals we had set out to do," says Garcia.   

Garcia says he will be focusing on many areas during his term.

"During my first year, we started a lot of initiatives we wanted to raise the academic achievement of all the students were doing well in our schools. We have a great staff, we have supportive and we know we can raise the bar," says Garcia.

Robert Moreno the interim superintendent's last day was Tuesday but he will remain on payroll until June of 2012. 

Garcia's contract ends at the end of June in 2013 but he will have the chance to have his contract extended if board members present the offer.

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