Zimmer Mobile Learning Center shows joint replacement options

Zimmer Mobile Learning Center shows joint replacement options


EL CENTRO, CA - Elaine is looking for knee replacement information for her 73-year-old father.

"He's always been very athletic.  He's always been able to do a lot of long walks," explains Elaine.  "Now he's limited because his knees have...worn out to the point where he has lots of discomfort."

So Elaine came to the Zimmer Mobile Learning Center, an interactive display that's housed in a 40-foot bus.  The bus was parked outside of El Centro Regional Medical Center and opened to the public.  The Zimmer MLC helps educate people looking for options in dealing with chronic, debilitating joint pain.  Jose Villanueva works for Zimmer, which manufactures joint replacement products and instruments.

"A lot of people don't really know that much about implants or total knee replacement, trauma, total hip replacement," says Villanueva.  "So it's something that the community can come in, touch the implants, to see and feel."

The Zimmer MLC travels the country with the aim of having patients become familiar with it joint replacement products.  Elaine likes the hands-on nature of the joint replacement displays. 

"Well, this is actually excellent because most patients don't have the opportunity to see what's actually going to be implanted in their body or how the whole process works," says Elaine.  "So this is definitely an educational service for a potential patient."

Zimmer has some high-tech solutions for joint replacements...like this gender knee implant especially sized for women.  As people get older, their joints wear down and curtail their active lifestyles.

Villanueva says it doesn't have to be that way.

"They can return to that wonderful life of walking and being without pain, which is something that I think people really don't know what's out there as far as implants," says Villanueva.  "I think it brings back that quality of life that they really want."

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