Miniature air show in the desert southwest

Miniature air show in the desert southwest


Yuma, AZ- Experienced remote control pilots from across the nation came out this weekend to show off their skills at the Fly Yuma 2012 Model Airplane Air Show.

"Were just going up and doing dead stick landings and trying to see how long we can stay up and glide without using our engines. Who ever has the longest time wins," says Julian Bustil.

 Airplanes, helicopters and jets of all different sizes and styles all competed against one another.

Julian Bustil who has been air remote control pilot for over 12 years and says he has a couple different flying crafts at home but brought out one of his favorites today.

"I'm flying an Edge 540, it's about 35% and 106cc and about 12 horsepower, it's real nice," says Bustile.

Scott Brown a member of Yuma Aeromodelers tells news 13 he has made his hobby into a career.

I'm working at YPG in a UAV program as a pilot. I've been doing that for about a year and a half in preparation to go overseas. We come out here and fly to actually keep in real stick time," says Brown.

Brown who has been flying model planes since a young age says this hobby has many benefits.

"I have a friend who is a doctor that claims that this is the best way to keep your brain young. Not only is your brain soaked with adrenalin but also it is constantly creating new neuropath ways," says Brown.

This hobby can be for anyone according to Brown.

Everything from 3 year old kids to dads. We have 95 year old guys that get out and fly and are quite successful, but We need more beautiful women involved in this sport. We really do. There are very few," says Brown.

Aircraft prices can range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to low thousands.

The Yuma Aeromodelers host several shows and competitions throughout the year.

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