Yuma 3rd Graders Take a Walk Through the Human Body

Yuma 3rd Graders Take a Walk Through the Human Body


YUMA, AZ - Hundreds of elementary students take a walk through the body at the Yuma Civic Center.

Every year the Yuma County Public Health Services District puts on a interactive "Body Walk" exhibit for 3rd grade students.

The purpose of the event is to influence kids at a young age to make smart and healthy choices for the rest of their lives.

The tour starts off with small groups of kids walking into the brain to learn about where healthy choices begin and eventually work their way down into the bones followed by the muscle to learn how to make their body move with physical fitness.

At the end of the walk through kids are put to the test with what they learned. Brooke Robbins a 9-year-old at James B. Rolle Elementary says She learned a lot about the lungs and that smoking can really cause harm and cause a heart attack."

Various Elementary Schools participated in this years "Body Walk" and they tell News 13 it's very beneficial to their learning and fun.

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