New website offers air quality forecasts for Yuma area

New website offers air quality forecasts for Yuma area

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Yuma, AZ--A new public tool is now available for people who have asthma and respiratory problems.

With just a click of your mouse you'll be able to find out what your air quality conditions are at any given day.

"We're most concerned about those who have existing respiratory problems." Henry Darwin, director of Arizona Department of Environmental Quality said. "This is not intended to alarm anyone who doesn't have any respiratory problems but it might be helpful to know what the air quality is going to be in your area."

AZDEQ has launched an air quality forecasting system now available for the Yuma area.

Before, the air quality forecasts were only offered for the Phoenix metropolitan area.

The purpose of the program is to create public awareness of outdoor air quality conditions so people may modify their behavior to reduce exposure to pollutants in the air.

Darwin said the web site is very user friendly.

"We're actually worried about the smaller dust particles, so what that represents is the smallest of dust particles," Darwin said. "What were going to do is on a rolling basis, we're trying to inform the public about what days they should be concerned about."

Gloria Cisneros, coordinator for the Yuma tobacco Asthma Coalition announced that the Yuma Flag program added 13 school, community and health centers to the program to make use of the new tool.

"The reason why we first thought this would be a great program in our county was because of the high incidents of asthma within children and under the age of 18," Cisneros said.

To keep track of Yuma's air quality you can visit our website and click on "Saw it on 13".


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