Yuma elementary students learn how to be to savvy shoppers

Yuma elementary students learn how to be to savvy shoppers


YUMA, AZ - A grocery store turned into a class room for some local school students today.

Fourth graders from Palmcroft Elementary School walked around an Albertson's grocery store this morning and got some good tips on how to get the most bang for their buck.

"I used some of the math that I know like: division, multiplication, pounds, ounces, measurements," said a fourth grade student.

Arizona Department of Weights and Measures invited students and faculty to participate in this educational event and learn how to be detail oriented while shopping.

A teacher at Palmcroft Elementary says it's a great opportunity for her students to implement what they learn in class in real life situations.

"They've learned how to get the best deals. They've learned how to be aware of when they're checking things out," said Brenda Dennis, a 4th grade teacher. "Especially in this day and age economy, they can help their parents."

Students role played real life scenarios and got the chance to calculate the best buys, scan items and double check to make sure they've been charged the correct price.

"My favorite thing is they give you the item free if they over charge you," said another 4th grade student from Palmcroft Elementary.

Governor Jan Brewer proclaims March 4th-10th as Arizona Weights and Measures Week to commemorate the first Weights and Measures law signed back in 1799.

"If there's an over charged speak up. There's a reason that Weights and Measures is here," said Shawn Marquez, spokesperson for the Arizona Weights and Measures. 

To wrap up the students' visit to the grocery story they got a goody bag with smart buys.

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